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HMS Condor (DD-1233)
 Welcome Aboard!


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Welcome to the HMS Condor (DD-1233), a proud and growing chapter of the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. Although we’re based out of Phoenix, Arizona, we have crew scattered throughout the state. We come from all backgrounds to celebrate science fiction, having fun, and doing it all with Honor!

The HMS Condor is a Falcon-class destroyer under the command of Lieutenant Commander Craig Porter, assigned to the Eighth Fleet commanded by Admiral of the Green Lord Sir John Roberts, defending the Basilisk System and its terminus, which is vital to the health of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. We follow in the footsteps of great commanders, and through our service to the Crown, hope to join that list of honor. Eighth Fleet has a long and glorious history, and was the main offensive force against the Republic of Haven during the 1st Havenite-Manticoran War. Previous commanders have included Lord White Haven and Lady Harrington.

For those unfamiliar with the Honor Harrington novels written by David Weber, many of which are free to read electronically. The first two are available through the Baen Books website. Start with On Basilisk Station. If you like it, one of our crew would be more than happy to lend the rest, until you’ll want to buy your own. If you wish to join, please contact our commanding officer, and check out the TRMN website.


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